Not getting notifications unless recent app usage

twixtwix Level 1

Hi! My Zenfone only shows some notifications. If I've used an app recently(last 1-2 hours) then I get all the notfications. But if it's from an app I use less frequently, I get nothing. All notifications setting are turned on, both in general settings and in app settings, and I do get them, if I've just used the app. I've tried reinstalling apps and restarting my phone. Has anyone else come across this problem or know of a solution?


  • Hello @twix

    Can you set adaptive notifications to "none" and then restart your ZenFone to see if this helps. Also try turning off/disabling adaptive battery since this prevents apps from remaining active in the background.

    Thank you!

  • twixtwix Level 1

    Thank you @keren_ASUS for the advice. I tried this but it didn't help unfortunately.

    Maybe my only option is a factory reset

  • One of the main reasons why your phone's notifications aren't working could be due to broken app updates. If your Android device is not getting notifications from one app in particular, it's possible that the developers have accidentally rolled out a buggy update.



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