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12 days with the Zenfone 9. A little better than the 8. But...the camera needs to be improved.

On a Spanish YouTube channel (Topes de gama), a very good channel where they compare smartphones, they compare 2 very similar ones. Xiaomi 12 vs Zenfone 9.

The forum does not allow me to put the link, sorry.

Same features and same main camera. But the Xiaomi gets better photos. The Zenfone 9's camera is a bit "shaky"; Some good photos and some not so good. The color and night mode.

Personally, what I like about the Z8 and Z9 is that the photos are natural, with little processing. But in the comparison video you can see the differences with the Xiaomi.

We look forward to the next update.


  • I already mentioned this in the photo topic by mattias, the zenfone, much like Rog6 have better sensor than previous gen but the processing needs tons of work.

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    Are Asus employees even checking this forum regularly? I have not seen a single reply in the last week on the Zenfone 9 topics from them. You would expect they are on top of things during the launch of a new phone...

    I hope we get some decent responses soon because I have 7 days left before I must decide if I return the phone or not.

  • Yes, the mods are checking forums on a regular basis. They don't answer every topic. However as far as the camera software goes, since its a zenfone, I'm quite sure they will eventually fix it. ASUS has put focus on the Zenfone this time around and almost completely ignored the Rog series, I'd be shocked if they don't adress the picture quality. The reason the images don't look as good on the Zenfone are mostly due to way to heavy noise reduction and sharpening. Once the noise reduction and sharpening has been toned down the phone should do much better. The zenfone nails the whitebalance while the xiaomi tends to be to cool.

  • We released an update yesterday 2022-08-23 and it has some camera adjustments, please update and let me know if this fixes your issue :D

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