SIM 2 automatically re enabled upon reboot

Hello, I Just discovered a bug in the brand new Zenfone 9 with firmware .2004.84.

I have 2 SIM inside the phone but I keep the second one disabled to be used when needed.

If reboot the phone, I get both SIM enabled.

Please try yourself to confirm the issue.


  • Anyone who can do this test to confirm the problem with the Sim 2?

  • Yes same problem too.

  • Kris_ASUSKris_ASUS admin
    edited August 25


    After confirming with our developer team, it's AOSP behavior. System will check the connectivity of your SIMs while starting the system. That's why SIM2 will be enabled.

  • This doesn't happen with Zenfone 8 with Android 12.

    Upon reboot SIM 2 remains disabled.

    Is It possibile to have the same behavior?

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