I've done a factory reset on my Asus max pro m1, since then my Vi VOLTE services are stopped

Sim1 Vi volte services are stopped but sim2 jio enhance 4g lte mode working fine

Also that i checked sim1 Vi with different phones volte works fine.

Please give suggestions on how to resume volte services on my device I'm really frustrated and suffering alot.


  • NITIN03NITIN03 Level 1

    No enhance 4g lte mode and no volte for sim1 but jio volte working fine

  • Hi, we request you to provide us your device's latest firmware version. You can follow the below instructions to do the same: Settings -- About -- Software Information.

  • NITIN03NITIN03 Level 1


  • NITIN03NITIN03 Level 1

    Volte provisioned is greyed when i check phone info.

    Everything except mobile radio power is greyed.

    Please help!!!

  • Thanks for writing to us. The team has been working to get the issue resolved. We'd need you to cooperate with us until then.

  • NITIN03NITIN03 Level 1

    I'm sure this must not take more than a week sir,

    Unlike the update thing asus denied further updates now i don't have any hopes from asus.

    Just please work on this issue i don't wanto loose my phone.


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