Gaming and saving battery life

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I want to ask something about the bypass charge. For gaming purpose while trying to make the battery life healthy. Is it better to charge the phone then play, or just use the bypass charge all the way through your gaming time?


  • Since there is a rather big concern regarding the power IC, I'd say its better to charge then play instead of using bypass charging.

  • No, because of these problems I prefer to

    - Always charge in ultra stable

    - Never start a game with a hot battery

    - Do not play using the battery as far as possible use the bypass, IC will not heat excessively because the current demand remains low.

    Playing using the battery is going to drain it fast so you go to fast charge it and that's where the problems are going to start especially if you need the phone fast so a charge with the phone already hot right after the Game.

  • The bypass doesnt really work, it still sends through the battery. Considering the phone gets exceedingly hot and max operating temp when charging is 45c I would NEVER recommend bypass charging without some serious cooling on the phone.

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