Overheating/battery drainage after update


I received and installed an update now in August on my ZenFone 8 and since then my phone gets very hot when it's used. Even during calls when the screen is off. Battery also drains a lot faster after the update.

Anyone else having this problem after latest update? Something I can do to solve this? I mean other than waiting for a new update that hopefully fixes the problem.



  • Hi @piivikki

    Thank you for letting us know about this. I will let our team know and see if others have also reported this. In the meantime, can you please try restarting or even resetting your device to see if the issue persists. Thank you!

  • piivikkipiivikki Level 1
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    Hi! Thanks for your reply!

    I have restarted my phone several times but haven't done a hard reset. I expect that's what you mean by resetting? Is that really necessary? it means a lot of work ☹️

  • I've also noticed battery drain.

  • For me, i noticed that my phone gets pretty hot and also drains battery fast lately. I did not yet connect it to the update, because of the heatwave in the Netherlands. Everything gets hot at this moment 😑

  • Good point! We do have kind of a heatwave in Sweden too at this moment 😉 The problem started before the heatwave though but at this moment the battery drainage is insane.

  • Hi everyone @pichis666 @Robert_K @erikvanlennep

    Please make sure that all the Google service apps on your phones are updated (google app, google service, Android webview, youtube) and restart your phone.

    If the problem still persists, please confirm the following :

    1. When did the phone encounter this issue? Suspend or when doing a specific action?
    2. If it happened in suspend, please check if the data keeps download/upload in the background? Like using google to backup (photo/data)
    3. Please provide the number of temperature and power consumption? You can get the temp. info by going to game genie>Real-time info, power consumption info by setting>battery>battery usage
    4. share a log

    Thank you all for the help!

  • GrzemarGrzemar Level 2
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    Same problem after last update, I got used to overheating. But battery draining.. Airplane and durable modes on - by night (7-8h) drain 3-5%. For normal usage by day "drainage is insane" like someone before say. I have all google tailes up to date.

  • I can confirm the higher battery usage and occasional heating since the update. "Phone inactive" and "Samsung Health" use significantly more power than usual for me. Typical screen on time decreased from about 4 hours to 3.

  • NerdyeNerdye Level 1

    Agreed, my ZENFONE 8 is heating up and draining it's battery alot quicker these 2 weeks, previously a full charge would last me the whole day, now I am having to charge it 2~3 times (approx 20mins) in between each day.

  • You guys on the latest .113 update? It seems they broke something. If you check with Geekbench scores have drop around 20%.

    Single Core from 1100 to 770

    Multi Core from 3550 to 2975

    Not just me. I just confirmed from someone having the same issue (from xda forum).

  • I've seen that on XDA. I updated to .113 via full file (not incremental update, since I could not find it, and not OTA) and I get the full Geekbench score (1120) and no heating in general. Also, good battery life.

  • They release update curves after which the phone works abnormally and then they advise you to reset to factory settings and at the same time do not think how long it will take to restore. This is my first and last experiment with Asus, and they then made another clone. And zen 8 will be buried without realizing its full power . They wrote that they listened to the buyers in fact, after each update, problems of various kinds arise.

  • NerdyeNerdye Level 1

    Can Asus revert the update to the previous version? I was perfectly happy with my phone until Aug 2022.

    Strange how it coincides with the launch of their ZENFONE 9. Hope there's no fkery going on like what Apple did to their older phones. -.-

  • I did OTA update and have no issue

    Geekbench 5 scores as follows

    Single core 1110

    Multi core 3361

  • No problems here either after OTA update. No obvious heating or even warming.

    Geekbench 5 just now: Single Core 1121 Multi Core 3657.

    Is there a useful way of distinguishing between ostensibly identical ZenFone 8 devices (source, age, motherboard, location, .., .., ?) that might illuminate different users' very different and sometimes extremely unhappy experiences?

  • Quick postscript to above:

    Charging battery 1x a day. Not 2x or 3x as occasionally reported here. That would indeed be quite maddening.

  • NerdyeNerdye Level 1
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    I am charging 2~3x times a day, once overnight before I sleep till the next morning, subsequently, I have to charge my phone again around 3pm in the afternoon for around 20~30 mins. If I have a long day, I will charge it once more around 8~9pm before bedtime.

    My screen on time from when I first unplug my phone in the morning till 3pm is around 3hrs. Mostly web browsing.

    I have updated all the necessary apps and restarted the phone, no change to performance.

    I was previously getting 5~6hrs screen on time before August 2022, I have not changed anything on my phone since, apart from the update.

    Would appreciate some help on this or some acknowledgement from Asus that this is being worked on... I can't be the only one right?

  • Hi! Can you kindly write which firmware version you are on?

  • GrzemarGrzemar Level 2

    Try factory reset. I did this 2 days ago - phone stops heating up and battery lasts much longer.

    Conclusion is simple, it is not worth updating your phone. The producer improves one thing and breaks another. I don't feel like doing a factory reset every update. I regret that I bought an ASUS, as not the problem with the motherboard, there are problems with updates. Is it serious? I had no such problems with any phone before. It's my first flagship phone and such issues are really comforting.

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