Google Assistant Handsfree - ZenFone 8

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Hi there,

My ZenFone 8 has "Hey Google and Voice Match" enabled. It says that this is "Get hands-free help from your Assistant", and it says further it allows to "Access your Assistant any time that you say "Hey Google", even if your screen is off or you're using your favourite apps". I also have the Assistant "Lock screen" settings enabled that says "Assistant responses on lock screen", which explains "Allow your Assistant to respond when your phone is locked...".

However, that doesn't work. I have to unlock the device and manually start the "Assistant" app to get it to respond to my voice. That's clearly not "Hands-free". Is there a hack to make it work?

YouTube clip with ID bUDzLyTVZmk (can't post links yet) shows it being enabled and working. But it doesn't work on my device unless I unlock the screen and open the app. It seems to be an Android 11 phone as the options look slightly different to mine. I have Android 12. Thanks for suggestions.


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