Remove Aero cooler to improve performance. Power limiting bug.

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I pushed the ROG 6 to its limit. Max CPU + GPU load. It hit a whopping 4200mA(~16W, FYI it's 1.5 hour 100% to 0%) with cooler on(using Lv2/3 because no power in). But it quickly in 2 seconds throttled to around 85% of its max performance(FPS drop from 55 to 48 with significantly more judder) while using 900mA less power(still, cooler on Lv2, so total ~12.5W).

It all makes sense because you're on battery, but when you remove cooler, CPU and GPU immediately goes back to its max frequency while using around 9-10W, barely sustainable without any cooler. That, still, makes some sense even though it'll get hot, still manageable hot thanks to better SoC.

The problem is, when you plug in cable with enough PD spec(enough for Lv3 cooler mode while playing at full load and phone is actually charging(read current in monitor software)), the power limit is still there. This need a fix.

Only workaround now is using Kunai 3 with an external cooler.



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    Well I hit 5200mA(~20W, it's almost 1C on battery, crazy for a phone and you can see this 8+ Gen 1 SoC alone can hit 13-14W when using this absolute peak load, but you can play most "demanding" games(Like GI or A9) under 5W full phone power, scalable huh...).

    It's using another CPU/GPU load combination. And there is no this ~12W sudden hard jump limit and this time I'm 99% sure it's thermal throttled after a few seconds, my 7 pounds laptop CPU is only 45W and it has a big(really big compare to AeroCooler) fan to keep it under 90C. So this seems like system level specific game performance tuning bug which I'm not sure if users want it or not.

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    We have looked into this matter and the latest firmware should solve the issue :)

    Please make sure to update and let me know :D

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    Seems like already fixed. If it happens again I'll tell you.

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