No otter case AGAIN

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I was thinking of buying this phone but again you can't get an otter box for it . I know that zenfones aren't as popular as say galaxy crap or iPhones but really no otter box. ??!?? I know that people are going to say that it is out of asus,s control but that's bullshit. All they need to do is reach out and maybe pay a dollar or two to otter box Pty ltd ( they will probably find after a million people purchase one and that would drop to a few cents per item) per unit and the working class would have protection.

MY Z 7 is on the way out and really I hate Apple but at least you can get an otter box for the iPhone 13 Pro Max

Before I get any grief about,, you can get alternatives ,, I don't want the runner up I want my phone protected with an otter box. It's a total deal breaker for me in fact I have googled iPhone 14 pro max so many times that's 80 % of the adds I get on discovery now


  • Completely misunderstood your message.

    -Either you are talking about "OtterBox" a company which since 2011 has decided to only make products for 3 brands, since it does not make any products for Xiaomi, Oppo, vivo which are in the Top 5 worldwide, well ahead of Google Pixel is not just a choice of market share but a business strategy. So if you want ASUS in the catalog, you buy the company, at worst you take 51% of the shares but you will definitely need to change the board of directors.

    -Either you want a protective shell in otter hair, in this case good luck with the animal protection associations.

    -Either you want another protection, "other", in this case there are many interesting alternatives.

    Rhinoshield, BRAND SET, BellaCase to name just 3

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    Soooo if you misunderstood My message why are you responding. If your bored that makes two of us let's chat . If not my message was pretty clear I want an otter box for zenfones ok got it now? So I just reread your message and I apologise, your funny yeah I want someone to kill a poor otter ( I'm an Aussie so please ditect the humour) gut it and skin it so I can wrap the bloody thing around my phone . FGS give me a break.

  • otterbox or other box?

  • Yeah I was thinking about the same issue, there are really ugly and poorly made cases for the Zenfones. That's sad

  • I have a question for you, how do you specify that your ZF7 is on the way out? My ZF6 is still perfectly fine, the battery is starting to be weak but that can be changed for a fraction of a price of a new phone, I'm just curious how a phone that is 1 year newer than my ZF6 can be already on a way out

  • Zenfone 7 is nearly EOL, same as Rog3, meaning no security udpates and such.

  • Oh, so you mean planned obscolescence, not literal end of life. By these means, my Zenfone 6 is dead now, yet, it is still perfectly functional for me. Thank you for answer

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