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My device is ROG 5 and i want to tell you that my NFC stop working. A month ago i was using contactless payment but it suddenly stopped. I think it stops after android 12 update. I cannot turn on my NFC in settings. But i know nfc was available before a month in my phone. I have done payments with Nfc but not its not even turning on. I also have checked in safe mode its also not turning on in safe mode. Please i need an solution as soon as possible i am so much dependent on NFC but its not working now. Help me!



  • Hi Arsh,

    Please mention the error you are getting while enabling NFC.

    Also, the App or service you are/were using for NFC payments in India.

  • I cannot turn on my NFC. They are showing unavailable. I am not using my NFC in india, I am in canada. And I used NFC in canada for 8 months. But suddenly it stopped. It is showing unavailable. I am attaching a picture of unavailable option. I also checked in settings when i turn on and go back it automatically turn off.

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