Enable VolTe or HD calls

Hello, please enable HD or VolTe calls for Orange Spain. The same thing happened with the Rog3, they never enabled it, I hope that this time it doesn't happen the same. Please enable HD and VolTe calls for Orange Spain and more countries in Europe please.


  • From what i can gather, VoLTE with spanish operators seem rather hard to come by. When I checked the biggest prodivers in spain I saw that their "VoLTE compatible" devices is absoluitely tiny compared to other countries. Many people complain about lack of VoLTE support on several devices.

  • Jesp.rJesp.r Level 2

    The truth is that Rog3 never enable VolTe, but I do have calls in hd. In Rog6 I do not have calls in HD, and I have not changed the operator.

  • It's up to the operator to accept that specific phone model, we are always pushing all models tho!

  • @Jesp.r Unfortunately, Volte is not saved from Asus, and from the operator (Orange) Polish Orange, also does not support (and will not) Asus smartphones. As for HD Calls, it is already on the Asus side, it must support Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband (AMR-WB). strange because I have HD, in ROG 6

  • I still dont have volte vowifi since rog phone 2. I have a case running with support taiwan and my provider. My provider supports it on any brand, but still not for rog 6. Crossing my fingers here.

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