Can't get One-Handed Mode to work

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When I exit Settings after switching One-Handed Mode on, it stubbornly fails. Swiping down still Shows Notifications even though Pull Screen Into Reach is selected.

Am I missing something? Is some other Setting interfering with this facility?


  • Hi @fergusd84

    Thank you for letting us know about this. Can you cofirm that you're on the latest firmware release? Thank you!

  • Thanks so much for following up. Sorry for slow response.

    Yes - I am definitely on .113 and security 05 Aug.

    I am not 100% certain - but I would say this started with the upgrade to .113. Previously I could use One-Handed (and I remember that when I first got the phone approx 1 month ago and set it up, One-Handed was the default setting).

    Strange not to have seen any MeToo in response to my post .. .. but if you can identify the problem and resolve it that will be fantastic! (I checked just now that the problem persists - it does.)

  • Hey @fergusd84 Can you please try to install the latest launcher APK to see if this fixes the issue?

    Download link as below or you can find it on the official site: 

    If the issue persists, can you please share a screen recording? Thank you!

  • Thank you. I downloaded and successfully installed the Asus Launcher update.

    Same problem.

    Incidentally during my recent exploration of all this I learned how to use the One-Handed shortcut. And this is behaving perfectly. But I don't much welcome the on-screen shortcut icon and would prefer the swipedown trigger.

    I will now make a Screen Recording to try to clarify the problem I am experiencing with this.

    Thank you for your interest. Coming up next

  • Here it is. Hope it makes sense to you.

  • Oh dear I think I can see what I've been doing wrong. "My" swipedown intended to achieve One-Handed Mode is commenced identically to Show Notifications. And so Show Notifications is what I'm getting. I've just discovered by accident that a shorter gentler swipedown commencing near the bottom right hand corner of the screen successfully achieves One-Handed Mode.

    So: is that how things should work. And is that others' experience?

    Sincere apologies for wasting your time if that is what I have done :o(

  • Omg all this time your swiping down on the empty space on the center of home screen. That would naturally show the notifocations. You already realised by now that one-handed mode is swiping on the LITTLE PILL at the very bottom of the screen, not just on the right corner.

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