A15 FA506QM Shift Key combination not registered with some of other keys

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  1. System: Windows 11 Pro
  2. Battery or AC: Both
  3. Model: FA506QM
  4. Bios Version: 311
  5. Frequency of occurrence: Always
  6. Reset OS: Reset and Reinstall
  7. Screenshot or video: Yes


Detailed description:

Recently when I tried to use my laptop keyboard then I noticed some of the keys does not work with left and right shift. All this while I am using an external keyboard with no issues. Individually all the keys are working fine except some keys does not register when combine with left or right shift. I have escalated to APAC support but haven't receive any workaround on this except to hand in my laptop for further checking. I could not send it for warranty check as this is my main device for work purpose. Some of the things that I have tried:

  1. Disabling sticky/filter key.
  2. Reinstall keyboard driver
  3. Reset windows
  4. Reinstall windows
  5. Clean keyboard contact ribbon
  6. Test in safe mode / bios
  7. Reinstall bios / downgrade / upgrade

Anyone have workaround this issue please assist.

Thank you in advanced

*Update FN + F11 (sleep) also does not work.


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