Zenfone 8 same problem with mic

I and many more people have the same problem with mic on phone, only upper mic is working in 3rd party apps and on loudspeaker calls, it works just fine in stock recorder app, so problem is purely software, yet for more than a year nothing were done to fix this problem. Do u plan to finally do something about this problem? This is my first asus phone and im very dissatisfied, i never gonna buy your products in future and advice all my friends to do so.



  • I have personally not gotten this info, would you kindly specify more about the issue and write which Firmware version are you on?

    I want to check up with R&D and I need that info.

  • dron39dron39 Level 2

    If u mean problem during a call on "speaker" mode when your mate telling something to you and hears mix of robotic voice, some echo, noise and etc, then I can recommend you to find nearest autorized service center.

    I had same problem and in my case it has been fixed only after visiting service center.

  • I had this problem since the moment i've bought the phone so it persists on all firmware, now im using latest version, i've reseted phone to factory defaults, it not helped. My problen is this, and it seems what many more people are experience it, than i use stock asus apps, recorder and phone, everything is ok with sound recording and mics, it is clear and loud, but then i use 3rd party apps, or google apps sound quality drops dramatically, all my voice messages are very quiet and in poor quality, this also happens than i use loudspeaker on truecaller app, or any other 3rd party caller app, Recently i discovered what non asus apps use only upper mic for some reason, so that is the reason why sound recording quality is so poor. I've check my board mics status, they all are working fine, so i guess it is a software problem.

    I contacted asus support, and do every stupid basic step they told me to do for a month, nothing helped, so now i want to ship my phone to service center, and if problem remains, i would just sell this phone and dont ever buy any asus phone in future. It is a very expensive device and it cant do its main phone job, such a dissapointment.

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