Rog 6, another hard pass.

Aight so I already talked with people who bought the phone and it seems all ASUS's ressoruces went to the Zenfone 9. The Rog6 is already a huge dissapointment, even when compared to the Rog6.

1.) Camera quality despite superior lens is on average worse. This is due to the fact that the IMX686 has had tons of time to develop and get optimized via software. So this could get better over time.

2.) The rog 6 is similair to the Rog5 when it comes to bugs.

3.) Speakers are an extreme dissapointment, lack of bass and generally just bad quality. Most consumer phones are superior.

4.) small downgrades here and there (micrphone, dac etc.), doesn't really mean much in terms of experience, but is a problem if price stays the same, which it does. If you're gonna go downgrade on stuff, you need to either change price or put good stuff somewhere else, such as actually good fingerprint.

5.) Fingeprint is as awful as Rog5, if you have smudgy fingers you can't unlock anything.

6.) Due to same dumb design, phone is fragile as hell.

7.) Same extremely dumb cooling system that relies on an external cooler. Using the phone without cooler is a recipe for dead brick if ASUS doesnt change their thermal management.

8.) Performance is good if you use the phone with active cooler, even without the cooler it performs great, however it gets way to hot. This will be handled like the Rog5, where they throttle the hell out of it without cooler trough updates.

9.) Battery drain is massive, in demanding games like genshin we look at 1.5-2hours gameplay at best.

Honestly it's extremely hard to recomment the Rog6 over the competition, especially red magic and lenovo Y90. I had high hopes for this one, but got shattered.

Well you know what they say right? 7 = lucky number. Also the gen2 finally seems like a true next gen chip with much better efficiency. Please ASUS, don't mess up the Rog7.



  • ehunt22ehunt22 Level 1

    The rog phones need to do away with whatever concept of a unique brand identity they have in mind, in relation to specifically the screens they put on the back.

    Apart from a very limited asthetic benefit, they do nothing for gaming, which is the main purpose of the phone.

    It will save some money, and physically make way for better cooling by adding some space in phones

    In terms of cooling solutions, aeroactive cooler may get them some extra accessory money, but it's an unnecessarily long route with debatable benefits. They should consider going with internal fans. A peltier type cooler will probably need venting to avoid condensation related issues

    The thermal cooling and design choices are probably more to do with upper management decisions, based on inputs from marketing teams

  • Jesp.rJesp.r Level 2

    The big question is... Is it worth a change from Rog3 to Rog6 knowing all this? In general, ignoring the color bands, I'm happy with Rog3, but it's a 3-year-old phone and the degradation is already showing... I had intended to buy Rog6, but I'm not sure... maybe the zenfone9 is a better choice . What is your opinion?

  • BPMBPM Level 2

    Hopefully, they'll bring back TwinView Dock support with the ROG Phone 7. 🙃

  • Wait for ROG 7

    Your phone still can play any games and have cooler temperature than rog 6

  • If you can live with the colorbanding the rog3 is superior in every single way.

  • Jesp.rJesp.r Level 2

    Do you think rog 7 will be the solution? I don't know what to think... switching to zenfone is an option that I value, but I would prefer a zenfone 9 flip... I imagine it won't take long to announce it...

  • Hoenstly the zf9 seems like a solid device, if it doesnt dunk on itself like the zf8 its seriously not a terrible device.

  • thirtythirty Level 1

    So I just cancelled my pre-order after reading this and about the upcoming SD 8 Gen 2.

    I will not switch brands because either the software sucks, the hardware is missing important stuff like the phone jack or hdmi support or they're not available outside China.

    Every asus product I own has always been top notch and I'm not going to blame them for a soc that can't possibly be integrated well into a phone-sized device. I really look forward to the next iteration and hope my current device won't explode in the meantime.

  • Sadly ASUS has downgraded the rog6, there is nothing else to say. The older Rog phones were amazing, something happened in the 2020 area where ASUS started reforming internally and now we get this crap. We are used to a certain standard, we are spoiled users that want our top notch devices back, not some half backed device that only resembles the old phones.

    Sure the chipset were just bad, you're 100% right, but ASUS handled them way worse than any other brand. It's a fact. With the Rog5, they just added features that don't really matter or are even bad for gamers, motion chip cough cough

    Honestly, the fact that the speakers flatout sound worse than an Iphone 13 pro non max is just unacceptable for a gaming phone. The speakers were one of the main reasons I purchased my Rog3 and still love it. I sincerely hope ASUS gets their shit together again for the Rog phones. I think ASUS might just have given up honestly, I mean the competition is extremely fierce, the red magic is simply way more popular in the region where it matters.

  • The reason i bitch and moan isnt because I'm some hater, but because I know ASUS can pull it off and I know that if the community shouts loudly enough ASUS will eventually comply and create the true Rog Phone 3 successor we all are waiting for.

  • thirtythirty Level 1
    edited August 4

    ROG's software and customizability is absolutely amazing. I'm happy to wait for the next one.

    The RedMagic with good software would be a no brainer but that's where they suck and I also need it as a daily driver. I'm just used to phones that e.g. tell me who's calling.

  • Thats usually where the black shark comes in, decent software and good hardware. Sadly they don't support their devices as well on the global versions.

  • thirtythirty Level 1

    For me it's missing the phone jack and the side usb port. Also only the pro has hdmi out and the pro is just way too expensive for not even having the "+" chip. Besides that it also gets really hot without cooler. But then it's also not available in my country.

    If Lenovo would finally decide to go global, that would be a tough for all others.

  • According to leaks the global version will come out and be named "lenovo legion 3"

    And i have to agree there, it looks very sexy on paper.

  • Completely agree with this post.. I'm super glad my rog 6 had a hardware issue & I was able to return it under that reason. Otherwise I would have been forced to keep it & forced myself to like it. I'll stick to my rog 5 🤜🤛

  • Jesp.rJesp.r Level 2

    in the end... i bought a rog 6... lol. I was going to buy the zenfone9 but it is too small for me. I'll tell you about the experience, but for now I like it. It feels solid, the screen is infinitely better than the rog3 (now I really know what the color bands are). The audio... is not bad at all, but it is true that the "boom" effect that rog3 had, this one does not. With the new update it sounds better, but they have to polish it more. The vibrator is very good. It's a hot phone, the updates and installs, make it turn up the heat, it feels hotter than the rog3. In general, after a single day of use, I am happy, what I like the most for now is the quality of the screen compared to that of the rog3. I'll let you know how it goes after more days of use... (sorry for bad writing, I'm Spanish and I use Google translate)

  • Sadly you bought a ticking timebomb. it will die much like the Rog5 does. The circuit responsible for the defects is still the same and unchanged.

    Once you end up like on of these guys:

    and have to pay for repair around 250-350EUR depending on what model you bought, I think it's safe to say it might be your last ASUS phone.

    Also as for sound, it will never sound as good as the Rog3/rog5, because you only have 1 amp. The Rog3 and Rog6 both have dual amps.

    You probably would have been better of getting the rog5.

  • Jesp.rJesp.r Level 2

    I bought the base version of 16gb because I wanted it in black and honestly, paying €200 more to have 2 more gigabytes and a screen in the back seems absurd.

    Let's hope that doesn't happen to me, hehe. I'm guessing it'll be covered under warranty anyway. I have a 3-year warranty, and it won't expire until 2025, so in that aspect I'm "calm" hehe.

  • Jesp.rJesp.r Level 2
    edited August 10

    In Spain, the legislation requires a 3-year warranty. That is why the phone cost me €50 more expensive (€1149)

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