Anyone bricked/EDL/9008 their ROG 6?

imocimoc Level 1

Follow and complain here.

Let ASUS know their bootloader implementation is VERY NOT FRIENDLY to us. I've been modding my Android devices since the Android 2 era and this is the first time I encountered an UNOFFICIALLY UNRECOVERABLE state which is a HORRIBLE experience.

Me? Have played with

Samsung(S5 to S9 and Tab/Odin is a good thing)

XiaomiRedmiPoco(Main device for me today, very modder friendly and robust)

Huawei(Remember when they allow applying for BL unlock?)

Apple(LOL jailbreak from A4 SoC until iPhone X(meantime Samsung S8 looks gorgeous) lost my interest)

And various small brands or exited market big brands(honorable mention Lenovo LePhone C101. My first smart device/Android and received big community support at the good old time)

ASUS. Fix your buggy BL. Fix your policy. Release everything we need to fix OUR DEVICES of OURSELVES. Just ONE step closer to perfect.


  • imocimoc Level 1

    DM me if you need help. Absolutely 0 fee charge. XDA spirit.

    Moderator I don't think this violates any rules.

  • FunBike31FunBike31 Level 4

    Haha, shout and file a complaint but don't question yourself, attribute the fault to ASUS and not to yourself when you have scrupulously followed all of all that is necessary to do to Brick a device.

    No research before, neither of the procedure for a CN device, nor of the RAW files if it existed, nor of the difficulties encountered by users who have already tried to do the same thing on the Rog6.

    No respect for the work of others, the raw file has been around for a few days but you wanted it for free

    Your device list does not reflect your knowledge, anyone is able to do the same thing once the procedures and files are published, by XDA in 99% of cases.

    Your messages are incoherent and demonstrate your difficulties in understanding.

    Q- Question user, Is there a way to go from CN to WW without root?

    A - You don't need root. You can just flash the RAW file. But you MIGHT not be able to update it because updater won't recognize WW update zip file if you don't change that COUNTRY file.

    The poor, he must always try to understand your answer, the right answer is simply "No"

    Come on, I wish you good luck in unbricking your Rog6 now that everyone exists to do the CN to WW conversion

  • imocimoc Level 1

    What do you provide then? Shout a lot too without useful information. Speak your native language. You Hard to understand English.

  • imocimoc Level 1

    BTW I hadn't planned to do the conversion in the first place, I just want to update normally using the method on Which FAILED, still no idea why.

  • imocimoc Level 1

    Oh, I have everything I need now. BUT SO SHOULD EVERYONE AND EVERYONE IN THE FUTURE.

    "YoU aRE USing IT wROnG".


  • imocimoc Level 1

    "anyone is able to do the same thing once the procedures and files are published, by XDA in 99% of cases"

    Haha you just offended EVERYONE, including "PUBLISHER" like MYSELF(not on XDA though), good job fanboy👍

  • @imoc Why even bother replying? @FunBike31 destroyed you, you have been exposed as the clueless 🤡 you are. Nobody should take any help from you considering that what @FunBike31 wrote was 100% accurate.

    Seriously, you went ahead and unpacked some image files and flashed them like a donkey and somehow you still want to argue how experienced and great you are.

    Your english is broken and you keep misunderstanding people. Really doesn't help in terms of language barrier.

  • imocimoc Level 1

    Full of fanboy here huh. Nice.

  • imocimoc Level 1
    edited July 31

    "100% accurate".

    LOL. Go decide for yourself who is actually helpful here.

    Yet you called everyone who came here for help because they love playing with their own device adventurously for fun aka every devs in their early days but accidentally bricked their device Donkey(and with a Clown emoji), such a genius.

  • Certainly not you.

    Also your second paragraph doesn't make any sense. You're still a 🤡

  • imocimoc Level 1
    edited August 1


    You're just awesome.

  • imocimoc Level 1

    For my mental health and happiness, I will not monitor this discussion anymore. You can still send DM if you are in need.

  • Thank god for that, you will not be missed, bye bye.

    Go brick more devices without doing a lick of research and blame your stupidity on the manufacturers.

  • Just a friendly reminder that Tencent devices are NOT supported outside of China, if you managed to get a Tencent device then make sure to get your money back.

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