Pls FIX Adaptive Refresh Rate

Ronzky321Ronzky321 Level 1
edited July 27 in ZenFone 8

ASUS, pls fix the broken Adaptive Refresh rate.

Make it simple as other phones. Max refresh (120hz) when interacting with UI and revert to lowest refresh (60hz) when the screen is static.

AS simple as that and I know many would be happy!

The 90hz is broken. The colors are not as punchy compared to 60/120hz modes.

For now I have to bear with 120hz but with added battery consumption, or go back to 2010 with 60hz screen.


  • Could you describe how the adaptive refreshrate works, aka how its broken?

  • Ronzky321Ronzky321 Level 1

    UI - 90 hz

    Most apps reverts to 60hz, even when interacting.

    Switching back and forth 60 and 90 color shifts

  • PhaGWiZPhaGWiZ Level 2

    I would also like to add that most apps use 60hz, including Discord, Bromite, Twitter, Infinity reddit, etc. They all switch to 60hz even when scrolling. That is not the case on AOSP ROMs for this phone that use the native AOSP implementation of multiple refresh rates. That results in a much smoother experience overall. It switches to 120 automatically when swiping the screen, and reverts to 60 after a few seconds.

  • pio_zenpio_zen Level 2

    Zenfone 9 is out so forget about major improvements from now on ;-)

  • Ronzky321Ronzky321 Level 1

    This alone makes me want to consider flashing LOS. :(

  • Could you please write which Firmware Version are you on at the moment?

  • 0411.89

    I'm in Australia and haven't received the latest OTA (119?).

    But all I know is this is just how ASUS designed the Adaptive refresh rate. 90hz for UI and scales down to 60hz most apps.

    If you're talking about the color shift from 90hz, I think this is expected too. There's a note in Refresh Rate settings thats says "there's a switching effect."

    Going back, I hope there will be an update to change how Adaptive RR behaves: 120/60hz - just like any other phone. Forget about 90hz.

  • CrimisCrimis Level 1

    +1 This is the same on the Zenfone 9, dynamic mode is useless. Just switch to 90gz/120hz for a couple of seconds on touch. Just like the Pixels.

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