Qualcomm insiders phone

I am thinking of buying a Qualcomm insiders phone and I am hoping that someone else has purchased one and can share their experiences. ???

I know it's already outdated but I am intrigued and have a couple of grand to blow on a phone ( it budget) so naturally it came to Mind


  • From someone I know:

    Its basicially a very solid phone without any major bugs, sound, camera, batterylife, screen and fingerprint are all top notch. Only thing that really makes it annoying is that the promised security updates really take a long time, and no A12 which is a shame, since A12 really brings a lot of new things to the table.

  • RoystoysRoystoys Level 4
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    Hmmmm seems that to use the IT budget any device eg smartphones and tablets must have the latest OS with a minimum of two years of updates to be eligible. Soo now I'm looking at the nothing 1 phone,any heads up regarding it ? I would like to know what you think of it . I don't know if I like it for a daily driver because of the downgrade in Chip sets but apart from that it looks great on paper. The guy was involved with OnePlus in the beginning I think

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