Unknown problem with display (Vivobook Pro 15 OLED)



  • For Display issues, one fix that is working is to Rollback or Uninstall the Driver on the Display Device > Driver tab, and restart the PC to reinstall the driver. You can also try older drivers in Device Manager > Display device > Driver tab > Update Driver > Browse > Let Me Pick



  • Hello.

    This default advise don't work on this issue. I've tried several times and I've done all possible manipulations with Display drivers.

  • 3dmikee3dmikee Level 2

    This is a software problem and the causes of the phenomenon including a temporary solution, we described in the first posts of the thread. I hope that the late august update of MyASUS + ASCI will fix it

  • desteldestel Level 1

    If by removing a piece of software, the problem stops occurring, then that proves it is a software bug (something wrong with Asus' code or interference of Windows' or other code with Asus' software) and not a hardware defect (meaning that we don't need to replace the OLED screen, we just need better code).

    Something within MyAsus software that controls the color and temperature of the display is causing this instability (flickering/flashing) or incompatibility with other software (e.g. by Windows, AMD) which control the display.

    This happens on brightness levels above 60%. So, it is unrelated to PWM dimming, which only happens on brightness levels below 60%.

    And my model doesn't even have a dedicated GPU, so there's nothing going on there.

    I will try to record it too and send it to Asus.

  • Okay.

    Please keep us all unformed about your appeal.

  • I was in the shop today and just took a look at the Vivobook 16X and ExpertBook with OLED matrixes.

    I haven't noticed any issues with screen on them (I've checked that MyASUS installed and Splendid works). On every rate of brightness displays looked fine with no flashes/flickers/color shiftings etc.

    Vivobook 16X was with AMD Radeon Graphics and Nvidia RTX3050Ti (my laptop has AMD Radeon Graphics and Nvidia RTX 3050). Both has Windows 11, same chipset and graphics drivers. So it's quite similar laptops. The difference is in display resolution but I don't think it can effect.

    I really have no idea what's the problem with our examples. And I can't understand if it's software problem why different examples have different conditions.

    I will wait till new versions of MyASUS and Splendid release and if this problem will not be eliminated I take laptop to the service center again to ask for refund.

  • D_IMAND_IMAN Level 2

    Have you looked at what versions of drivers\bios\my asus\splendid and ASUS System Control Interface

    installed in those instances?

  • Yes, as I explained all versions are the same as on my laptop.

  • D_IMAND_IMAN Level 2

    Hmm, what could it be...

  • sheeshkinsheeshkin Level 2
    edited September 1

    So guys I've just installed the new version of ASUS System Control Interfacev3_ASUS_Z_V3.1.5.0_14424...

    And nothing changed at all.

    So i think this laptop will probably be the last product from ASUS i ever have. FYI.

  • D_IMAND_IMAN Level 2
    edited September 2

    Hmm, the quality of ASUS software is simply amazing with its crookedness...

    Like tech support...

    P.S. In general, Splendid and OLED Flicker Free Dimming started working on their own without my intervention ...


    Which proves that ASUS has crooked software and incompetent technical support \ specialists ...

  • hey guys just open the MyASUS application, go in customization, click on the Audio and Visual, then scroll down and you will see and flicker free dimming option, for low flickering effects, set the brightness level to atleast 60%. I've checked it, at 50% it doesn't flicker also.

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