Zenfone 8 poor call/receive performance inside house and malls compared to Zenfone 3

My new Zenfone 8 seems to have poor call and receive performance compared to my old Zenfone 3 and another phone, a Xiaomi 11T. This is very obvious inside the house and in malls, even when network signal bars are present. Is this a common problem with Zenfone 8? Battery life is also much worse than the Zenfone 3 (eventhough Zenfone 3 has smaller battery.) I updated OS to Android 12 to no avail, in both call/receive performance and battery life (have tried closing apps, etc). An unfortunate step backward. My provider is Digi Malaysia. Anybody here has similar experience?


  • CyslawoCyslawo Level 2
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    VoLTE and VoWiFi quality is much worse than probably 95% modern phones, even the cheapest, and there are also problems with distortions during calls. Classic 3G calls, since there is HD Voice, are comparable to the other phones for me. Obviously I don't talk about hand mode, which is almost unusable.

  • Hello!

    We are looking into the issue, R&D is working on it.

  • bobekos1bobekos1 Level 1

    Liczymy na jak najszybszą poprawę jakości rozmów i aktualizację systemowa od Asusa...

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    Ja już wyłączyłem VOLTE i WiFi Calling bo raz jest dobrze i nie. Na 3g gorzej jakościowo ale jakby stabilniej? Liczę na jak najszybszą aktualizację z poprawą połączeń od Asusa...

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    Hey guys, i jus received sms message from my carrier, that they are turning off volte for me... Is it about some tweaks between Asus and TMobile or they are going to block this phone like orange?

  • Hi! Are you using T-Mobile? I would like to check this more in depth.

  • CyslawoCyslawo Level 2

    It's Heyah (TMobile PL) brand, however i have chatted with support, their said that it was accident and activated volte again manually, so now it's ok (obviously there's still problem with outgoing calls). Maybe it really was accident, so i will inform you if this happen again.

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