ROG3, Game Genie after updated Android 12

8tvt8tvt Level 1


Kindly advice how to sort macro list alphabetically in the game genie. After updated Android 12 on to ROG3, seems the list scrambled and hard to find the specific macro name. Android 11 not like this.



  • 8tvt8tvt Level 1

    Sad though no response...

  • Sorry for the late reply!

    I was testing this and it looks like it can't be done, will check on why.

  • 8tvt8tvt Level 1

    Thanks though for replying, at least i know it's a known issue. Tried emailed seems invalid email.

    looks like the game genie last update was on nov 2020 at google play.

    troublesome when to check the whole macro list when not sorted by name properly. somehow i notice, it's not remember the last selection after close, thus need to resellect the macro list again with hassle.

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