biometrics failure

my rog phone 3 biometrics stopped responding after i did the screen repair. I bought a tool to calibrate and downloaded a third-party application to try to solve the problem, and the problem is partially solved: whenever I restart the device it loses calibration again, I believe it is a software problem, because in the tests I did on calculator ( ,12345+ ) they said that the biometrics are ok... I already formatted the device, I installed android 12, 11, and nothing solved my problem. can anybody help me? :(


  • PolarisPolaris Level 1

    here is the test i did, i really don't know what else to do, i spent hours looking for the solution

  • PolarisPolaris Level 1

    Gustav_ASUS help pls

  • PolarisPolaris Level 1

    Irene2_ASUS help pls

  • Hi!

    Can you please tell me which Software version are you on?

    You can find it in Settings -> System -> About phone -> Software information.

    Also, was the screen repaired in an ASUS Repair Center? if that's the case I would recommend you contacting them and telling them about the issue so they can take a look.

  • PolarisPolaris Level 1

    Mattias_ASUS  I'm using the version 18.0410.2203.201

  • PolarisPolaris Level 1

    Mattias_ASUS when I use ASUS Repair Center and enter my serial number the application says there is no information available for my product

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