Heating issue


I got a vivobook series laptop like 4 months ago (vivobook s14 m433ia) an ryzen 7 variant

The temperature spikes to 70 to 80 degrees celsius under idle task despite of updating bios , repasting with the thermal paste and cleaning the fan.

Yet the laptop's temp keep increasing.

The temp reached 60-70 celsius while updating to windows 11

Whereas 50-60 while charging

Is this any kinda problem or comsidered as normal?

Pls reply


  • HananHanan Level 1

    nope. that's not normal. since it is just 4 months, bring your laptop for warranty service. they will do fan cleaning for free, and replace your fan for free as well if it's broken.

    I once get my WIFI adapter and keyboard replaced week before my warranty ends, and there's no charge.

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