A12 on Rog3 is....

DanishbluntDanishblunt Level 5
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Actually quite dope. So far didnt find any bugs, its super clean, fast, and performs absolutely great.

For those who have issues, try flashing raw or wipe your phone before installing A12.

Good job devs, this is another quality Android upgrade.


  • PervagePervage Level 2

    @Danishblunt Danish bro I am seeing quite of issues.

    1.I updated manually the firmware and in update section when I want to see change log it showing me last A11 update log.

    2.Any luck on Accent Color?

    3. fonts in Call settings are somehow bigger and can't be managed through Font and Display size.

  • HexHyteHexHyte Level 1

    It still has a massive black crush tho..

  • Havent really played with 2.) when pplying themes it seems to change tho.

    as for font in call, works for me, when changing from medium to small it gets smaller. Try to reflash again via TWRP and see if that fixes it, also remember to wipe dalvik cache.

  • Jesp.rJesp.r Level 2
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    Android 12 on rog3 for me, it's going very well, but... it's horrible to see dark scenes on Netflix. They have not given any solution to the color bands. In my case, the dark scenes of Netflix look terrible, basically nothing is seen, not even with the brightness at maximum. Blacks are gray and viewing is lousy. I would like to buy the rog6... but I don't know if it's really worth the change, and even more so knowing that the rog6 screen is also calibrated by pixelworks... I don't know what to think...

  • The screen has a samsung display so that means due to samsung API's its quite easy to fix if its horrible. That being said factory calibrated its nowhere near as bad as Rog3. However durability concerns are still there due to how similair it is to rog5, when you look at rog5 subreddit we know it's terrifying.

  • KumikanKumikan Level 1

    I just updated to Android 12 manually. Everything looks fine, but what concerns me is battery consumption higher than Android 11.

  • mrxsinmrxsin Level 1

    A12 is smooth, but it can be smoother 😁

  • Deepan_ChDeepan_Ch Level 2

    Can someone plz tell me where to find the TWRP and A12-ROG3 ROM?

    I want to unlock bootL and do clean flash.

  • RoystoysRoystoys Level 4
  • i did not notice any bugs so far, but at the same time did not notice any noticeable change in OS, battery life is definitely better, for the first time I sometimes see 5h+ SOT on my phone which I have never seen on A11seince I bought the phone.

    the only downgrade for my use is the google wallet /home integration in the drop bar

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