Right air trigger not working properly

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Yesterday onwards my right air Trigger is not performing well, I have a problem on right air Trigger,when I touch right air Trigger it was automatically working and it's skipping...like automatically scope on off while I touch airtiggger

Give me solution....!


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  • That sounds odd, try to clear your cache by following these instructions

    Long press on the Armoury Crate App

    Press App info

    Press Storage & Cache

    In there you can clear your Cache.

    Let me know if this helps!

    If it doesn't, then make sure to contact your closest ASUS Service Center.


  • For my phone i face a strange problem -

    Air triggers stop working. When i turn my phone off and then start it again they start to work, but right after few seconds or a minute they stop working again. I noticed this when i was playing PUBG Mobile/BGMI in India. Is this a know problem? Is there a fix?

    Also noticed that if i open Game Genie to check if the triggers are active for the game or not it tends to become unresponsive. I highly doubt that this is because of Game Genie. Tried clearing its cache, but that didn't work.

    Another thing, if i restart by choosing 'Restart' from power long press option the air triggers still won't work. So i have to choose power off and then start it again by button press.

    Any suggestions?

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