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Will there be an update to Rog 3 and 5 that are running Android 12 with the same UI(stressing on wallpaper theming and new app UI's) as Rog 6?


  • Hi maneeshgowda17,

    Some might be device level specific features, but as update progresses more features/functions should be added.

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    Also volume and vibration needs to be fixed in next update for Rog 3, it feels too low.

    Please add dynamic theming to the phones running Android 12 because that's what Android 12 was mostly about

  • SibiSibi Level 3

    It's not a clear reply! A12 Monet theme engine is not a device level specific's a stock a12 feature which Asus prohibited for Rog 5/3 users even though we are in a12....and every Rog user has been asking for monet features since 1st a12 update dropped for Rog 5...u asked me to create a new idea and i did and so many people up voted and commented in support in that idea....this idea post u asked me to create any 3months back...and even after so many Rog 5 users support its not implemented yet.....we need a clear answer to be more accurate....we need monet theme engine....if Rog 6 with same a12 software with same theme store and themes as Rog 5 had Monet theme engine working then Rog 5 will also work!

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