rog 3 volte not functioning after update android 12 (31.0210.0210.230) not rooted



  • Asus rog 3 phone here; everything was great untill I had to make this account to pled for a fix for this recent update! I need to make and receive calls! (Atat)

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    I created an ASUS account just for this. Mine stopped working today when i updated to Android 12. My location is Malaysia and been using the same telco for a year plus with no problem until now. Agh. That frustrations

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    Yeah, this is definitely a load of b/s. I didn't even want to update, it forced me too. And now, through AT&T, I can no longer make or receive phone calls. I own my own small business, and 90% of my business takes place through phone calls. If I can't receive calls, I can't make money.

    This needs to be fixed. Now. This is unacceptable. Anybody have any insight yet?

  • xombie17xombie17 Level 1

    I could definitely look into a lawsuit for loss of income, considering phone calls are 90% of my sales.

    Plus, if they activated VOWIFI, which they absolutely CAN DO, it wouldn't even matter! We could just use that until they fix VOLTE!

    Asus, you better fix this, and quickly. Or offer me a ROG phone 5 at a heavily reduced cost. That would also work.

  • PheebauPheebau Level 1

    Reporting same issue with ROG phone 3 and ATT in the US. A12 installed automatically overnight and I can no longer place or receive calls.

    How on earth could Asus push such an update without ensuring phone calls were working in the US with major providers !!?? This is a phone after all and it has now become useless!

    This is totally unacceptable on Asus part.

    If someone know how to revert back to A11, please help. Thanks for reading.

  • GT500GT500 Level 1

    You want the phone that breaks in half?

    Check the YouTube videos on the ROG Phone 5 by "JerryRigEverything" for an explanation... I can't post them here.

  • GT500GT500 Level 1

    It had WiFi calling when I purchased the ROG Phone 3 at the end of 2020. By the end of 2021 it was gone (probably dropped it with the Android 11 update). ASUS likes to break things when updating to new major versions of Android on their phones, and then never fix them.

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    Maybe Asus give us a deal send our rog phone 3 and they send us the 6 with extra _$_ like upgrade deal

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    @Mattias_ASUS & @CH_ASUS is there any way you can get this noticed by the right people at Asus? ROG3 Phones not making phone calls due to VoLTE being disabled is a critical software/update failure.

  • Has anyone tried to see if a factory reset then upgrade back to Android 12 fixes the issue? I have my doubts it will, haven't tried due to the pain in the ass of losing all my settings etc.

  • PheebauPheebau Level 1

    I can confirm as I tried to download Android 11 for the ROG 3 as well and nothing shows up. This is beyond craziness to be honest especially with such a major update!!

  • javcarbejavcarbe Level 2

    I confirmed that situation, i google the old version found in xda forum.

  • ChrisGChrisG Level 1

    Same issue here with the A12 update.

    After receiving the usual dead ended runaround from support I got on the website for the phone and downloaded their down grade package, backed up all My important stuff off the phone to my computer, and reverted it back to A11. Pretty easy, not really complicated.

    I also pulled the SIM card and did not connect it to Wi-Fi until I got back in and disabled the auto updates in the system update tab. Now it works fine again. It's a shame that something like this can so easily half brick a phone.

  • I don't know what to say but for my mobile volte is working on both sim

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