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Hi all,

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  • fbmaq007fbmaq007 Level 1

    Hi , I am from India , can you let me know by when will Asus Rog phone 6 pro start selling as I am planning to buy this phone as soon as possible .

    edited July 25

    Hi, I'm from Malaysia. I'm trying to find out if the Version of ROG Phone 6 Pro that is coming to Malaysia is the A version or B version. I need the A version because I need US and Japan 4G/5G band support which B version doesn't have (I'm planning to move to Japan in the future). If the version coming is B version, can I order A version from my local Asus dealer?

  • Slnn3RSlnn3R Level 2

    What's the different between A and B though? will B version have any limitation?

  • @gabrio81@Gustav_ASUS Can you let us know about software support policy for ROG 6...

  • FunBike31FunBike31 Level 4

    The information on specialized tracking sites gives this for Asus

    two major Android upgrades and two years of security patches.

    This is the minimum recommended by Google, if we take into account the high-end positioning and the price, Asus is in the last, even Lenovo, a good dunce too, still offers 3 years of security on the high end .

    If Germany manages to pass its bill for 7 years of security patch in the European Union (5 years are off to a good start) and the manufacturers refuse, we will have more than iPhones, Google and samsung in Europe :)

  • Keeping my fingers crossed that this one won't have the whole wifi / motherboard dying problem that v5 does.

  • Why the Google play Services drain so much battery? I wasn't using my phone much,Display of, just a little bit music playing and just got bad Provider Signal cause I was working in a celler and my battery drains fast as I would play COD the whole time.

    Why? What Google Service is this? I cant get more Informationen, even with a other battery App.

    My 4 year old phone (huawei p20 pro) has still 85 % battery left after 10 hrs of just standby with screen of and a little bit Google Research at lunch.

    The ROG Phone 6 is at 60%....

  • Really I can not take pictures as png via the camera? What?

  • Question to All Rog 6 owner.

    Do you notice a difference in battery drain, special in standby, between 4G and 5G? Ive not tested it so far, but it seems that my standby battery drain depends hard on 5g so far

  • ZT959595ZT959595 Level 2
    edited August 15

    As far as I understand it, 5G drains more battery. Just nature of the technology. I set my network to search for only 3G/4G. I do not have 5G access with my mobile plan so 5G is useless for me.

    You might want to try clearing Google Play Serive's cache. Hopefully that will help.

    Turn off "HyperFusion" if it is turned on. It is a battery drainer.

    For me, I set charge limit to 80%, unplug phone then go to sleep. 7 hours later, it usually drops by about 2-3%. This is with wifi off, mobile data off and bluetooth off but phone call communication still on.

  • Jesp.rJesp.r Level 2

    Hello. I have been able to verify that the slow battery charge works well. The problem is that the slow battery charge is not that slow. The uniform mode charges at 30watts, which is basically a "fast charge". The ultra continuous mode charges at 18watts, we could say that it is slower... but it still makes the battery heat up. The best solution to slow charge your device is to use a normal charger, from any other device without fast charging. I use a Samsung S9 charger (I think it's 3watts) and I leave it charging all night, the phone doesn't get hot and the battery would appreciate it over time.

  • @Jesp.r

    The S9 charger is a 15W unless I'm mistaken, but the Samsung fast charge mode should not be recognized, it charges from 0% to 100% in how long, 6 hours?

    Do not forget to program the scheduled recharge by configuring a charging stop time otherwise you lose the benefit of a slow charge beneficial for the battery by causing micro charges (if the phone is on and no airplane mode)

  • Hey there,

    I noticed the included charger is charging

    in continiuous mode with 30W

    in ultra continuous mode with 18W.

    After trying out a few charger (e.g. Charger with 15W or less).

    With the chargers with 15W or less (12W, and 10 to be precise) the menu said, the "continuous mode" is only available with chargers with at least 18W.

    I found a charger with exactly 18W from Anker, which I bought 5 years ago. It's this one here:

    Anker PowerPort+1 18W

    Can't post links yet on the forum. Just google it.

    Once plugged into my ROG Phone the menu states:

    Continuous mode 12W

    Ultra continuous mode 9W

  • @alphaone268

    C'est exactement ça que j'avais sur le Rog5 jusqu'au firmware 86 avant qu'asus le casse et ne le corrige que pour le usb-c latéral, le mode 12w est un bon compromis pour garder la batterie sur le long terme, suffit de bien s'organiser pour ne pas être à cours de batterie et d'utiliser le mode 65w du chargeur d'origine qu'en cas d'urgence

  • Hey, me again!

    I got the update WW_32.2810.2207.134 like two (?) days ago.

    I charged in Ultra Continuous Mode with 9W with before mentioned 18W charger from Anker.

    The phone heats up a lot more then before the update, but charging still seems to be slow (41% to 80% in about 45min).

  • Is there any support that would solve the problems? Or some email where I could send and report a problem with the device? test

  • I think the Rog5 userbase will gladly tell you that you should start praying after making a topic here.

  • Asus is angry with its charging system and there are many bugs, for example I am charging in 9w, the battery shows 25min to go to 100% and when you click on use it shows 18min left and the real time is of 12 min!!!.

    The time you indicate seems normal in 9W, on the other hand the heating must remain very moderate, ambient 25°-System 28-29° (Cpu/Gpu 34-35°) after 30min on my rog5.

    Reported Rog 6 charging issues are for now

    Led stays on too long (4-5s) after unplugging

    The display shows a significant drop after loading to 100%, it drops to 96% or less immediately.

    18w mode seems to charge 30w

    The first 2 are confirmed and should be fixed with the next firmware.

    The 3rd is random, it occurs or not depending on the order of ignition, connection and configuration


    Heater, A reported failure on new Rog 6, repaired by the service center

    Other heater, the SOC frequencies seem less constrained and Aerocooler has received an update for more efficiency (in other words, it was almost useless before), so it is more efficient than before by being colder with AeroCooler

    No other abnormal heating reported, if you haven't done it I will recommend a factory reset.

  • Thanks for the info.

    Here's what I got right now (still haven't done a factory reset, because I didnt have the time yet).


    • - Ambient temp in my apartment: 26-29°C room temp.

    Quite hot in Germany right now - ranging from 29 to 36°C these days. (today up to 31°C)

    • - Idle and not charging: 31° system temp
    • - Idle and 18W charger, charging with 9W in ultra continuous mode: 35° system temp
    • - Idle and 12W charger: 35° system temp

    I remember the phone (before the update) charging with 9W not emitting heat at all. But I can be mistaken, though before the update I havent checked at all!

    It's not dangerously hot - but I can still feel it getting warm.


    Running Pokemon Go (at home, not outside) - 70% brightness:

    starts at 32°C system temp

    3min: 35°C system temp

    5min: 36°C system temp

    20min: 37°C system temp

    30min: 37°C system temp

    Battery charge went from 77 to 72% in 30min.


    Bug (maybe?):

    I've noticed a few times, the device doesnt seem to register / start (ultra) continuous charging.

    When I plugin the charger, the notifications

    • - charging limit is active
    • - ultra continuous charging is active

    are displayed.

    Though when I go to settings -> battery -> battery care -> continuous charging

    Sometimes it states "for continuous charging you need a charger with at least 18W".

    So unplugging and replugging the cable fixes this issue - and then it works - at least, I dont get mentioned message.


    Aside from the "charging heat emission", here is what I found about the overall temps of the ROG6.

    "The surface temperatures of the Asus ROG Phone 6 and 6 Pro are slightly elevated in idle operation, but then they hardly increase under some load. "

    Can't post links yet - but google will easily help you reach the review of the ROG6 on notebookcheck.

    Comparing it to the ROG5 Pro, the idle temps of the ROG6 really seem to be higher. though under load, it doesnt really heat up much.


    Additionally I'm trying to figure out:

    1. For bypass charging to work: Does the charger need to have a minimum wattage? Does the charger need the USB-C PD PPS standard?
    2. How does bypass charging differ from charging limit? Would it make a difference to keep the phone connected to the charger (longterm)? I'm working from home a lot, so I'm more concerned about battery health, then battery usage.
    3. at what sytem temps will the battery start taking damage? what sytem temps is definitely dangerous/seriously damaging the battery/phone?

  • 1- No, no minimum power, avoid a charger (or usb pc) which delivers less than 10W in bypass, it will not be enough and the phone will also use battery to complete. on the 888 I need 18-20w

    There is no downside to using the original 65W charger as a bypass, the phone only asks for what it needs. from 0.8A to 1.8A depending on the application according to my USB analyzer

    2- Completely different, the charge limit stops the request to the charger when the battery is at 80% or 90%

    Bypass powers the phone bypassing the battery

    A battery maintained at 100% deteriorates faster, little difference between 80 and 90% and even 95%, 80% is too low when I leave the house, 90% is a good value between capacity and long-term wear.

    3 - 45° is already a lot and should be avoided, the warning is around 60° but the damage is done

    (Workers have cut the fiber :(, I have a lot of time to catch up, I will post graphs later on these temperatures and different situations of premature wear)

    Bug (maybe?): not maybe, that's for sure and it's too long to list (Rog 5)

    The charger and/or the rog does not seem to correctly initialize the dialogue with the charger(s) (randomly) depending on the previous state, you have to unplug, replug, sometimes turn off the screen (standby) or even turn off the phone to have the right dialogue and the expected load. (Normally unplugging/replugging the charger is a reliable solution if it is easily accessible). I always have a USB controller between the charger and the phone, it allows to control in real time and not to throw the ROG5 out the window seeing that it is at 0% when leaving the house.

    Your temperatures seem normal to me, the temperature in France is about the same (south, today 33°) it becomes critical around 34-35° ambient.

    my phones on an inclined support at home, when it is these temperatures I use a cooler ice pack -20° placed on the support and a thin non-slip mat on it to put the phones, 2H30 of tranquility

    I also have intensive home/office use, one of the reasons for the ROG 5 was to bypass charging without worrying about ADB commands or not forgetting to charge the meters 2 hours before going for a walk (otherwise the duration of my batteries do not exceed 15-18 months)

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