5G in Malaysia by DNB

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Malaysia has 1 and only 5G provider. It's call DNB. However, per DNB, there are no Asus phones listed as supported on their 5G network 🤦

As per DNB, it's up to the respective phones' manufacturers to contact them and obtain the relevant parameters to be included into the respective phones' firmware.

So Asus, what have you done? Can't get Volte and Vowifi working properly and now no 5G??? Maybe it's time you exit the Malaysia market like Sony, HTC etc 😑


  • Woh, so that means all these 5G nonsense just BS??? 🤨

    Asus guys, can confirm which Telco in Malaysia your 5G working now??? 🥺

  • smchaysmchay Level 2

    Don't hold your breath waiting. They can't disprove the truth, which is what it is. My point being, it's all marketing BS, which everyone should tell their friends to ensure they don't get conned by Asus.

    What's the point of buying an Asus 5G phone but have to wait 2 years or so before they even able to use 5G, when by that time, new and better models already in the market,😑

  • Good luck, am ditching Asus ☺️

  • smchaysmchay Level 2

    Good to know that, will be joining you soon 😅✌️

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    Seems ZF9 can't meet the requirements to be sold in Malaysia and has been banned for now 😅

    👍 for the little man and 0 to Asus for now 😂😂😂

    Feels great to be vindicated as now they can't just move on as business as usual leaving us Malaysians stuck with their old and useless products 😁

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