What's in the latest update?

TumTiTaTumTiTa Level 1
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Just now I received an update, yielding these version numbers:

What does that update do? I hope it will stop the long-running problem I have whereby some SMSs sent to me never appear.


  • kryptonkrypton Level 1

    Main fixes in this version:

    1. Updated Android security patch to 2022-05-05

    2. Fix issue with Quick settings panel turning black when using VPN

    3. Fix no response issue when using HK Octopus app with NFC


    Most likely there are some more unknown changes. For example I noticed since this version VoLTE is suddenly working.

  • TumTiTaTumTiTa Level 1

    Right. Thank you.

  • nhenry96nhenry96 Level 1

    Does this upgrade fix the last upgrades issues, these firmwares are terrible lately.

    The launcher crashes all the time, the finger print thing just won't go away and the camera is terrible!

    That's the version I've got now and it says no updates!

  • Last week we started rolling out the A12 update for Zenfone 8, I hope the update arrives soon to your device :)

  • TuatheTuathe Level 1

    You can do manual update if You don't want to wait.

    Here's link to update (add www.):


    After download put file in root directory of phone and rename file to:


    Then restart device - it should detect update in few min.

  • CyslawoCyslawo Level 2

    For me the fingerprint sensor works much better, almost perfect, i don't even need to press finger like before, just little touch.

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