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    Confirmed by the relevant department, we hope you can bring the laptop to our service center for confirmation. I have sent you a message, please provide your RMA number in the message, and we will ask the service center to keep an eye on your case. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

  • Can you stop using windows drivers? Install direcly from AMD, those from windows are beyond awful.

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    Answered in a private message.

    Also want to add that after watching the video for hours, it was noted that these video artifacts occur even if you do not use the HDR settings. So should we expect driver updates to fix these issue soon?

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    After my previous issues with Vivobook pro 14 m3401qc, I returned it and bought the Pro 14x M7400QE and it also has the same issue. Please fix the driver or whatever issue it is for all the users.

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    Any update on this? This color issue is so frequent now.. :(

  • @Arjun C

    Since we cannot confirm the display performance of your laptop, please send it for repair to confirm the actual phenomenon of the notebook. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

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    My issue is the same as what @3dmikee is facing. What should i do? This is a driver issue

  • Fixing common problems

    Make sure your display or TV has HDR turned on.

    Go to Settings > System > Display and make sure Use HDR is turned on under Windows HD Color.

    Make sure your Windows 10 PC has the required hardware to display HDR and find out if your display supports HDR10



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    Waiting for August to update their services. This issue first appeared after installing Splendid, which was barely installed after a couple of attempts. Reddit keeps posting similar threads but no one knows the solution

  • Continuing to observe the problem. 

    In Firefox everything is fine  (it does not support HDR). Not observed in Media Player Сlassic, but occurs in the built-in WIndows video player.

    Is there any relation to AMD driver? There are different video profiles in driver settings, all of them cause color distortions, including on the default setting. But it is possible to set a user profile and decrease brightness by -30% and it becomes imperceptible except for the distortion of the thickness of the pixel. And this is not the solution: it makes the video darker, and you have to change the slider every time to get rid of this distortion.

    And if you cover the video window of another program/popup colors become normal! (this is written about it on reddit)

  • Okay here is my update on this, so far I have only noticed this on Edge/Chrome browsers, and this can be solved by disabling hardware acceleration in browser settings, but then you will lose other featuresres and sometime high res video playback might get choppy. I tried uninstalling ADM and Nvidia drivers still no luck. I belive it some graphics or display driver bug, I'm using windows 11 idk if this issue is there in windows 10

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    HDR does not work with hardware acceleration turned off. And ASCI new release came out and didn't bring good news, still experiencing this issue

    Users keep writing about this bug, will we get a fix?

    Asus Vivobook


    Asus Vivobook pro 16x 


    Asus ROG Zephyrus G15


  • Here is another way to solve the problem: you can easily deactivate MyAsusSplendid by deleting the color profile in the folder C:\ProgramData\ASUS\ASUS System Control Interface\ASUSOptimization\Splendid\X513UA_1002_834C4161.icm (It may have a different name on your laptop)

    But unfortunately all these methods also deactivate OLED Flicker-Free Dimming setting in MyAsus.

    UPD: I think I finally solved the damn problem without touching Splendid!  I'll post the solution on Monday, September 5, but in the meantime I'm testing.

  • Was our problem with flashes/flickers on the dark background also resolved with your method?

  • It seems that they were not installed all the time before in the right form (on a clean OS!), perhaps because there is an unregistered bug in the drivers?, which is solved installing the correct order?, as I had in practice with other laptops manufacturers. It is unimaginable that I repeatedly installed the latest versions of these drivers and this did not solve the problem. Also completely uninstalling the video driver using DDU did not give a positive result.  

    I'm not understand which of these actions worked, but here's what I did:

    1) Install latest nonWHQL AMD GPU driver from their website and REBOOT (amd-software-adrenalin-edition-22.8.2-win10-win11-aug22)

    2) Delete myasus_splendid.inf, amdwddme.inf in Driver Store Explorer (https://github.com/lostindark/DriverStoreExplorer)

    3) Delete folder C:\ProgramData\ASUS\ASUS System Control Interface\ASUSOptimization\Splendid

    4) Install latest AMD GPU driver from ASUS website (AMD_Graphic_DriverOnly_DCH_AMD_Z_V30.0.13044.3001_26500)

    5) Install latest Splendid (MyASUSSplendid_ASUS_Z_V5.0.0.298_14283)

    6) REBOOT

    7) Delete AMD GPU Driver installed from AMD website (amd-software-adrenalin-edition-22.8.2-win10-win11-aug22) in Programs and Features.

    Also if not mistakenly appeared previously unnoticed file ASUS_gr_data in folder C:\ProgramData\ASUS\ASUS System Control Interface\ASUSOptimization\Splendid

  • No, it keeps flickering like there is a constant change of color profile. Always detected after selecting a profile in Splendid and disappears if you manually set a color profile in the OS settings

  • What's the status now? did you fix it?

    Today only I noticed that this issue is there while playing offline videos too! In my browser (MS Edge) I had to disable hardware acceleration to get rid of that issue but now it is there in offline video playback also. It's a shame that still this issue is not being acknowledged by ASUS and still gives lame solutions or just asks me to take my laptop to a service center.

    This is clearly an issue with your software/drivers! accept that and fix it via an update. This laptop is marketed at creative users who do color-related work and is this how you (ASUS) treat a user? See how old this thread is now, till now there is no proper explanation or solution! Why?

  • Yes, the above method fixed this issue for online and offline videos. There is no color issue with the hardware acceleration turned off, because HDR is not supported in this mode. Apparently, the ASUS drivers is defective and can't reset color profile to regular mode and conflict with HDR

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