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When I select Auto Hz in Refresh rate settings Cannot show 144 Developer options show display rate it only shows 120 hz . Because I'm play bgmi in 90 fps game play graphic settings in Game genie setting Select auto refresh rate only show 60 Refresh Rate.But I select 120 it run .Auto Hz what's your showing display 144 or 120


  • See what is the problem Autohz only 60 fps

    My friend screenshot

  • I tried Game genie clear cache and storage,not working

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    In summary, you rack your brains to find anomalies, which in reality are not, but without understanding the system and the internal development of software, software and games you consider these as bugs and persist in instead of using the combinations that work, like the 120 system and the 90 game.

    The only anomaly I see is your Firmware 2106.83, impossible to find a site in a language where this firmware is available, it is either a beta firmware or a firmware that has been removed hastily and replaced by the . 86

  • No issue inthis firmware battery and performance but hz issue I checked all firmware. See my friend recorded video Game genie auto hz not changing 120 display rate But mine Change 60 display rate?

  • I checked all rog post you always commented and triggered every one.If you find this problem Solved it me

  • @FunBike31 if you find it the problem

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    You do not specify the firmware version of your friend, except you are that I see in .83, I think your problem is this firmware.

    But if I understood correctly, in auto it configures itself at 60 fps instead of 120 fps, so when forcing 120 or 144 in Armory Create it works I don't see the problem.

    For my part, I find it stupid that he is in 120 in car even without doing anything, I find 60 much better and even 30 even better.

    Apple understood it well with its latest version of high frequency screen which goes much lower when you don't need high refresh, the battery saving is enormous

  • I tried Android 11 all versions and Android 12 versions too .Why the value changes I selected value out side auto hz it show 120 frame rate but inside game game open suddenly changed 60 fps in game genie also autohz mode .I checked more rog series it's working fine but mine? Plz find the problem help to me

  • It's not firmware issue my friend firmware also .83.I check different firmware different devices it's auto hz setting in game genie works .You checked device and send that video to me

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