A pledge not to buy any ASUS product ever again.... (Updated with latest security update yesterday)

I have been a long time user of ASUS products (A desktop, A laptop X550C, Mobile- Max pro m1, Asus 6z and Asus ROG 5)...

I don't know what is wrong with their mobile manufacturing unit..... Since Max pro m1 launch there are always issues with that piece of garbage so I bought a high end device (Asus 6z) which came with some faulty hardware as many users claimed over the internet and I faced the same issues like It suddenly restarted occasionally and some times doesn't even reboot and open in safe mode and I had to format it multiple time just to make it work because showed error 'OS missing'. but I made it work somehow.

When they launched (ROG 5), I thought it would be better so I bought it... and it worked fine for few months but then it started misbehaving and the same issues came back and yesterday when the latest security update came, I updated it and today i charged my phone around 93% and unplugged, within minutes it shut down and since then I am trying to power it on but it is not booting. I don't even play games on this device.

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