How to switch the Pen between the screenPad and Main Display

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  1. System: Windows 11
  2. Battery or AC:
  3. Model: UX582HS (ZenBook Pro Duo)
  4. Frequency of occurrence:
  5. Reset OS:
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Detailed description:

When using the pen on the ScreenPad Plus, the cursor moves and paints on the main display, how to switch this behavior so the Pen on the ScreenPad paints on the screenPad, and the pen on the main display paints on the main display?


  • belalbelal Level 1

    I spoke with the support many times regarding this, I was pointed to a link "How to fix screenPad issues" which didn't work, I did full reset, didn't work, I down graded the BIOS to the previous version and did another full reset, and all this didn't work.

    I'm hundred percent sure that this issue is a software issue (not a hardware as been told by the support), and it will never be fixed, if the support didn't believe that there is a bug in the driver that needs to be fixed.

    I ordered a new Laptop anyway, and will return the current one!! But I'm sure that this requires a fix from asus on the software level! it could be something updated on windows causing such issue! I don't know! an engineer has to investigate

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    For anybody has the same issue, I found that ASUSScreenPad2Optimizer fixes the problem (even when I'm running screenPad3), it will also allow you to see the "MaxView" button option when moving windows.

    I'm a new member so couldn't share a download link, but it's found somewhere on ASUS downloads

  • stencistenci Level 1

    I had the same problem. I tried to fix it without success. Then I gave up, I registered MyAsus, I updated a bunch of things I was asked to update, and at a certain point it was working.

    My problem wasn't with the pen, was with the touch interface in general. Also with fingers.

  • belalbelal Level 1

    at the beginning, I experienced the same issue with both the touch and the pen, when upgraded to ScreenpadXpert 3, the touch worked as expected, but the pen remained the same, finally, the ASUSScreenPad2Optimizer fixed them (it seems it's setting some flags that doesn't have a user controllable settings).

    Actually, it would be nice if we can switch between the two behavior, especially for the pen, it's sometimes nice to use the pad as tablet for the main display

  • @belal @stenci Windows calibration helped me on UX582HS: (i'm not allowed to post links so it's)

    asus dot com /us/support/FAQ/1042685

    Actually you just type and search [Calibrate the screen for pen or touch input] in the Windows search bar

    and select Pen Input. Press Enter on the main screen and tap the ScreenPad when the text appears there. After that you have your pen on the Screenpad.

  • Thanks for sharing your fixes to this, it does seem like an ongoing issue since the release of the latest Zenbook Duo.

    I also agree that that erroneous behaviour would actually be quite useful if it could be switched on/off as having a large tablet area but drawing on the main display would really make a lot of sense!

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