Asus system Control interface driver not support for ASUS Tuf Gaming FX504 GM

PrabathPrabath Level 1
  1. System: windows 10 home
  2. Battery or AC: Battery
  3. Model: Asus TUF GAMING FX 504 GM
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Every time
  5. Reset OS: 5+
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:

My laptop is ASUS Tuf gaming FX 504 GM model. I have installed my ASUS app via Microsoft store. But it only shows customer support function only. In device manager, there is no device as " Asus system control Interface driver". I downloaded ASUS system control interface driver V1,V2 as well as V3 and installed each of them but anything didn't work. I read all the supported models for ASUS system control interface driver V1,V2 and V3 but my laptop model is not mentioned there. please help me to solve this issue. Thank you.

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