Asus Zenphone 8 and bugs

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I've had several different brands of android phones over the years.

Htc, Samsung, Motorola etc.

And I have never really experienced serious bugs with those. They were all functional to an extent, even though they also went through Android upgrades.

So last summer I decided to buy Asus Zenphone 8. Because I thought it had good specs and in a compact form.

My first Asus phone btw.

At the moment the bugs on my Zenphone are the much discussed proximity and speaker issues.

These bugs lessen the functionality of the phone drasticly.

I'm just wondering, who is to blame here so to speak?

Is it Android 12? Or is it Asus that needs to focus more on the software part of their products?

I don't know.. But for me the experience of this phone and the Asus phone brand is heading in the minus direction.

Which is a shame because the phone itself and specs are really nice


  • Hello!

    We are aware of the issues and our team is hard at work to solve the issues that come up :D

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