Phone Over Heats while using camera | Asus 8z

My phone gets overheat very soon, Like just after 10 minutes of video recording in 1080p.

Earlier I had Asus 6z that also gets heated but not in just 10 minute of recording, any solution for this ??



  • Hi Revzzrider,

    Please confirm your phone's software version.

    Is the room temperature, or weather too hot around you? Have you restarted your phone once before using the App. Do you get any heat warning signs when the heat is too much around phone area?

  • Hi,

    Phone's software version : 31.1010.0410.72

    Yes I do outdoor shoots, where temperatures must be 40 deg. Celsius.

    No, no heat warning for surrounding heat,

    Warning comes when phone gets overheated while recording video for 10min or so & then camera app closes.

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