Bad or broken PPS charging?

I bought an Anker PPS charger and noticed that the Zenfone 8 does not charge well using it. The phone displays the two charging flashes, but the charging current varies a lot and frequently drops very low. I suspect that the PPS charging algorithm is broken and only works with Asus' own 30W charger.

If I connect a 5A capable USB-C cable the charging fails completely.

Broken PPS algorithm? Anything that can be fixed in firmware?


  • While most chargers should work we can't assure all 3rd party chargers will deliver the same potential as the original or have compatibility issues.

    Fluctuating current is not uncommon while charging but going with your information it sounds like there might be something wrong with that cable.

  • Well that was interesting. Turns out that that 5A cable works fine with plain PD chargers (like my old one), but not with PPS.

    That doesn't remove the fact that using other PPS chargers seems to lead to lower power and longer charge times.

    Is there something particular that the Zenfone 8 PPS algorithm requires to get "30w hypercharge"?

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