Battery drain - OTHER APPs

Hello, the battery on my phone is draining quite fast even through the night when in ULTRA saving mode. The battery manager says, that the most of the battery is drained through OTHER ("Jiné" in czech). What are these apps and how to disable them?


  • Hello!

    This sound very odd, but I think we can troubleshoot it.

    Try charging your phone to 100% and then try turning on "Airplane Mode", that way we should be able to see if there are any apps draining your battery when you don't know and see if you get a better battery from that.

    Check any apps you might have installed that could be running hidden in the background.

  • Robert_KRobert_K Level 1

    Same on mine. "Inne" means other apps and it's almost 1/4 of battery.

  • GermansGermans Level 2

    Got the same problem. What's "other"?

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