no hope for VoLTE!? good RoG phone.. regretting buying this

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    Thanks for your feedback.

    We are constantly working together with several network providers to bring VoLTE to as many users as possible.


  • RaphexRaphex Level 1

    Thank you so much, it's been a year and every software update I'm hoping for the VoLTE activated in our phones here in the Philippines. All rog users will be happy for this..

  • bexcame12bexcame12 Level 1

    I hope volte will be available later on Philippines. Cause mostly telcos here now in PH uses volte and vowifi already. I hope asus community would prioritize this matter. Godbless Asus Community. 🚀

  • RaphexRaphex Level 1

    goodbye rog3, your for sale..

  • Deepan_ChDeepan_Ch Level 2

    Unlock bootloader, go for custom rom and custom kernel! Everything will be activated thru that!❤️

  • RaphexRaphex Level 1

    Wow!! there's a way, I don't know why these asus tech don't want to activate it, too much reason and saying it is a old phone, so disapponted!

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