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stil no update / FOTA update  for camera on zenfone 5z ..

@  asus developers/ tech supports..
kindly provide update and timeline  for
1. camera update
2. zen ui 6 and Q .



  • Future updates should focus on camera now. As for zenui 6 it will come with android Q.
  • I got a major bug after last update that is a fingerprint security system which is disabled by software itself. I can't use it. Now I am using face Id and  screen lock like pattern.
  • @dhivajeyaseelan after .72 update the fingerprint response got better on my device. Get your device checked ASAP
  • yes . overall system , sound and fingerprint response has improved .after this latest update
  • Hi Asus,

    I own a Zenfone 5z

    Android Q Beta is a great job done by Asus. Kudos.!!

    Few things I would love to have in ZenUI 6

    1} *BLACK color background* option in the Quick toggle panel (along with grey) in Dark Mode. In Beta 2 there's only grey color.

    Please keep options for both- Black & Grey

    2} *Call Screen*: Please provide a small pop up bar at the top/mid/bottom of the screen to Notify for Incoming Calls.

    Currently the incoming call notification takes up whole screen! (Grey color answer/reject panel) 

    This does not allow users to use the phone while an incoming call. Also please include various colors/animations to choose from for incoming calls. Currently only grey colored fixated screen is there which cannot be minimised.

    Eagerly waiting for ZenUI 6 on my 5z..!!

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