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so I've been using my laptop for almost ever now and all of a sudden some of the keyboard letters are not working and they are at random places on the keyboard.

these are some of the keys that are not responsive.

s, 5, 6, =, delete, f5, f10, NUM7, NUM6, Num3,`

Am I missing something? I've done everything I can

run multiple troubleshoot, reinstalled the keyboard driver, checked all my updates and ive even tried taking the laptop apart, but i cannot access the keyboard as it is one with the rest of the laptop( no screws to unscrew the keyboard from the laptop)

ive tried everything and the only thing that is left is for me to restore from a point in recovery and i dont really want to do that for so many reasons.

is this an easy fix that i am not aware of?

have you guys had this issue?

i hope it isnt physical damage because if it is than a new board would cost me the value of the laptop.


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