Frequently Switch Off

Version - .215

Hi Guys

I'm noticing my phone get switched off when Device temperature rises to 42°C

It's happening almost every time when it hit temperature at 42°C

Whether I'm gaming or Scrolling through WhatsApp

What to do

is it a software problem or Hardware problem ?

Previously it happens once in a week

But nowadays its happening almost 15-20 times in a day

What happens if I downgrade to Android 9 or 10

Because this issue is that big i.e I can happily downgrade to Android 9 or 10 😿

Please let me know how to fix this

This is my Primary device and I have no money or plans to buy a new one

I have to use this phone for atleast 1 year more 😿


  • Hi,

    Your case is already with service team. Request you to wait in the meanwhile.

  • @ButterChicken same thing is happening to me

  • Experiencing the same thing. Freezes and turns off even during low use like reading a pdf. Did the latest update trigger some hardware malfunction?

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