Zenfone 8 appears on AT&T approved list but does not support voice calls on AT&T

Brand New Zenfone 8 purchased from Amazon in the US, no rooting or mods and latest Android 12 update applied. The phone appears on AT&T's approved list at att.com/3gsunset, but the phone will not make or receive voice calls. AT&T 611 says that VoLTE support is required, and that I need to buy a new phone. I otherwise like the Zenfone 8. Should I return the Zenfone 8 or will Asus work this out with AT&T?



  • photo937photo937 Level 1

    I think I read that earlier models of Zenfone 8 did not support VoLTE but was later updated with a firmware update. I have just purchased a Zenfone 8 and activated it on T-Mobile, who said they are no longer activating phones without VoLTE support. I had no problems and I see the VoLTE message on my status bar. You may just need a firmware update for your phone.

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