Issues with Outdoor mode, audio wizard, sound quality



  • gramkumgramkum Level 1
    There is no difference in loudness when u enable or disable the outdoor mode. There is no difference in sound quality when nu adjust equalizer in audio wizard, no dts experience, new update did not fix any issue. I am highly disappointed with Asus 
    Yes. Asus 6Z is still have the audio issues
  • gramkumgramkum Level 1
    Request Asus technical team to have look on priority and resolve the issue.
  • @"lalit.sobhani" can you please send me a log file when this issue occurs. We haven't been able to replicate. 
  • MananManan Level 1
    Hey guys sometimes my upper speaker didn't work but when I reset or restart my phone it start working again I think it's an update issue it is happening after that only otherwise it was smooth
  • It could be an issue related to VoIP call which we are going to fix in the next FOTA
  • Very low voice when you make/receive calls. Anyone else have this issue? Anyway to fix it?
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