Rog phone 3 display issues are fixable

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I recently joined the DanishBlunt discord channel and flashed his custom kernel on my Rog 3.

The changes to the display are amazing, blackcrush is almost gone and colors are vibrant.

Other benefits include better max brightness, better speaker clarity, battery life, game optimisations, etc.

This goes to show that the issues with the Rog 3 display are not hardware related but something to do with firmware/ software.

I do not want to (entirely) blame the developers at Asus, they probably have a lot on their plate, and have limitations i know nothing about. Also, they would definitely be more capable than I on technical expertise.

But this does raise the question, if one guy with technical expertise can fix the issues, surely a whole team with the resources of a large corporation can do the same ? Or not ?

If required, why not work with guys like Danish and get his expertise on fixing these issues? Give an independent developer a contract to help with these issues, while the main developers can work on more important or higher priority items

If they feel they are capable enough on their own, and don't need to take help from independent developers, then i politely request them to do something about it. A year and half and 12+ updates later, the display issues still remain, is not a good thing

If nothing else, I wish the developers and management at Asus would take notice of this post for the simple reason of business and sales. If the display issues are fixed, surely it would help sales (for current and future releases), and put more money in the pockets of the company, and by extension the developers as well.

Help customers like me by fixing these problems , so we can help Asus by buying phones from them in the future !!!


  • BPMBPM Level 2

    ASUS should just throw a huge sack of money at Danishblunt. 😎

    Kinda joking, but also kinda serious. A lot of companies have bounties for outsiders to fix issues (mostly security-related, but yeah).

  • Kharr32123Kharr32123 Level 1

    Danish has made the Rog 3 what it should have been in the first place with his kernel. All the attributes of a flagship killer spoiled by the display alone. I have the OnePlus7pro, OnePlus8pro, Galaxy fold 3, Pixel 6 pro but nothing looks as good as the Rog 3 with this kernel. All of these displays lack calibration. Asus, you should be ashamed. You've lost many a customer when help was offered. My Rog is now my daily. Thank you Danish!

  • kharr321kharr321 Level 1
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    I've taken some screen shots showing the level (or lack of) calibration on other devices, namely the OnePlus 7 pro, OnePlus 8 pro, Pixel 6 pro and the Fold 3. All have a pink tink compared to Danishblunts kernel fix. Danish has managed to eliminate black crush and the colour calibration is now perfect (to my eye).

    All pictures have been taken with full brightness and no other settings such as dark mode enabled.

    Android 12 is soon to come. I will be surprised if Asus has addressed this but I won't be holding my breath.

  • OgghyOgghy Level 2

    If you use a custom kernel (in this case using danish kernel) are you gonna lose some stock feature like game genie, advanced hardcore tuning, using acc like kunai and twinview ? Or everything still works fine like stock ?

  • kharr321kharr321 Level 1

    Everything else works as expected.

  • Deepan_ChDeepan_Ch Level 2

    Hardcore tuning works MUCH BETTER on Danish kernel, per Danish himself!

    Asus just deliberately hired some rookie software programmers who know absolutely NOTHING ABOUT SOFTWARE OPTIMISATION!

    #DanishOP 💥💥

  • OgghyOgghy Level 2

    Cool then, how about the acc ? Can it still compatible ?

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