UX482 owners, don't lose your pen

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just solved an issue where my cursor would periodically for no reason lag as if travelling through honey

Too Many 'Audit Success' Security-Auditing Events Happening - Windows 10 Forums (tenforums.com)

this was the final solution that solved it, basically all of this was happening but instead of a usb device, the pen was the hardware component responsible.

Basically everytime i restored or reset the operating system, a key event apart from installing drivers,should have been "touching" my pen to the screen.🙃


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    that wasn't it back to the drawing board

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    ok this thing isnt happening when power saver mode is on for some reason,

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    uncheck "scroll inactive windows when you hover over them" inside windows settings>bluetooth and devices> mouse

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    intel intesgrtted solutuibs sensor hub drvier solved it thx

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