Asus zephyrus g14 stutter,robotic/distorted sound and mouse lag.

  1. System: Asus zephyrus g14
  2. Battery or AC:
  3. Model: GA401II-BM131TS
  4. Frequency of occurrence: 2-3 times a day
  5. Reset OS: System reset has been done 3-4 times
  6. Screenshot or video: Cant take one


Detailed description:Hi guys I have a asus zephyrus g14 and after buying it I have had an issue and i tried to fix it by resettin my pc 3-4 times. I took it to service centre twice and they just did a full reset but it didn't help anything. My pc has win 11 and this problem occured both in win 10 as well as win 11. The problem is my pc suddenly lags/stutter to put it in words lets say I am gaming or watching video in any app and suddenly what happens is the game suddenly sttuter or the frames drops to 0 for 1-2 sec and while whatching video the video slows down like it becomes 0.1x slow something like that and in both the cases the sound also slows down like in slow motion and makes robotic sound and if you try to move the mouse it moves very slow and stutter. This can happen at any random time and no matter what app I am not sure if it happens while in idle mode but it might happen then only cause you cannot know as there is nothing going on in pc at that time. And thing i saw was this event id 5379 when I opened eventvwr after that issue and and it happens at that exact time when the issue occur.

My pc specs

Ryzen 5 4600hs

16 gb ram

Gtx 1650ti

please help me it is very annoying


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