Cursor Lag on UX482 with MX450

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Any help will be appreciated, i have tried every single flag possible(turning off high performance or using different operating system or switching off drivers)

I don't have the capacity to check combinations of two or more flags to find the source of the problem

Thank you in advance.


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    yea the power modes on "MyAsus" applications are wrongly configured.

    Whisper mode is consistently running the cpu at 2.2 to 3.8-4 GHZ meanwhile the fans never turn on.

    On the Performance mode which suggests that to keep it always plugged in, is where i am always seeing cursor lag and latency in text appearing on screen when typing.

    Can i expect a fix for this?

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    ok it was DEFINITELY two finger scroll that did that. I have turned it off in windows settings. Haven't noticed a single lag since then. thank you everyone for not bannign me.

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    it was "definitely" the intel integrated solutoin snesor hub driver that corrected it

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