Zenbook UX482, cursor lag caused by integrated intel gpu

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  1. System: w11
  2. Battery or AC: both
  3. Model: ux 482e
  4. Frequency of occurrence: periodic
  5. Reset OS: tried
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:Browsing on a webpage will be smooth, until after some time when the cursor will start lagging, i have pinned it down to the igpu, because the cursor is not lagging when browsing on the discreet mx450 gpu, also iam pretty sure it is related to panel self-refresh, the problem is i don't have that setting under my intel graphics command center , how to disable it?


  • aau aauaau aau Level 2

    yep pretty sure that is what's causing it, been browsing on mx450 for an hour now, not a single time has it lagged, meanwhile on integrated gpu it would have done it a lot by now

    also i wanted to mention, the suggested way of installing igpu drives and the screenxpert software just doesn't work for some reason, after some time it starts lagging,

    how should i go about stopping that, a complete reset works fine until some update destroys it.

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    ok guys another false alarm, it was because of fast startup, turn off fast startup it affects how your drivers get installed or get loaded or somethign i dont know, just turn it off, a dual screen laptop doesnt need more complications and with a ssd its already fast enouygh

  • aau aauaau aau Level 2

    ill just use this page as a notebook

    cursor lag returned, this time i have deleted asus dial control panel toolkit as it was the latest thing that got installed before the lag began

  • aau aauaau aau Level 2

    how to recreate bug if someone wants

    open two browzers, open reddit on one and youtube on another,

    slowly scroll reddit, eventually the cursor will start lagging

  • aau aauaau aau Level 2

    deleting prefetch and %temp% speeds up the cursor again

    but if you press windows + L (lock) and screen turns off, come back and repeat the whole process, youtube on one browser window, reddit on another, it will start lagging until you delete prefetch

  • aau aauaau aau Level 2

    : | for some reason everytime my mouse cursor changes from normal shape to the capital I shape you get on top of text, it starts lagging

  • What's the intel processor model number.

    Which intel graphics card driver, you already installed it

  • aau aauaau aau Level 2

    i am on the latest driver from asus's site, also follwoed the instructions on the asus website of how to properly install drivers in order to make screenexpert work

  • aau aauaau aau Level 2

    none of thatworked

    installed oldest intel driver i could find, now its working flawlessly until it comes back again in the future

  • I always use graphics drivers from intel and Nvidia , because, Asus does not release new drivers for my laptop model which I bought on 31th January 2018

  • aau aauaau aau Level 2

    intel integrated solution driver update corrected it

  • aau aauaau aau Level 2

    yea no that didnt work

    type services in start, turn off all asus services remote link ,near link all fo that, that solves the problem

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    I had the same problem, it's like if I don't move the mouse for a few seconds, the mouse sleeps... restarting the laptop after driver installation fixed the problem.

  • Which driver fixed the issue, Intel graphics generic driver or Asus vennila driver.

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